The Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications - KY.S.A.T.S.
The diversity in the quality of higher education offered by different institutions in Cyprus and all over the world and the increasing number of Cypriots studying and graduating from such institutions, let to the need for the establishment of a National Council for the recognition of degrees awarded by institutions of higher and tertiary education. The developments in the European Union regarding the mobility of professionals and scientists in the member states in the late eighties was another factor that let the Republic of Cyprus to make the necessary steps that laid to such a National Council. The Council of Recognition of Higher Qualifications (KYSATS) was established in 1996 based on the provisions of the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications and the Provision of Relevant Information Laws of 1996 to 2015. According to these Laws, KYSATS has seven members appointed by the Council of Ministers following a relevant proposal by the Minister of Education and Culture. It constitutes of:

  • A Chairperson who must be a Cyprus public University Professor
  • A senior Law Officer from the Law Office of the Republic
  • A representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Four university professors or professors emeriti, of whom one must be from a Cyprus public university and the remaining three from three different countries, each of whom appointed at a university located at a different country.

KYSATS is the competent authority of the Republic of Cyprus for the recognition of Higher and Tertiary Education qualifications obtained home and abroad. It also acts as the Education National Information Centre. It is an independent body funded and administratively supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

KYSATS recognises qualifications, such as degrees, diplomas or certificates which are issued by recognised Higher Education Institutions or by institutions, the programmes of which have been educationally evaluated-accredited. The reference of evaluation for the recognition of titles awarded are the titles (degrees) awarded by public universities of Cyprus in the same discipline and the titles awarded by State Higher Education Institutions of Cyprus.

Types of recognition

KYSATS awards two types of recognition:
  • Equivalence, awarded if the duration of studies, the conditions of evaluation, promotion and graduation of students and the teaching and learning procedures meet the requirements of the University of Cyprus or the other State Higher and Tertiary Education Institutions of Cyprus. Furthermore, the whole programme of studies has been conducted in recognised educational institution/institutions or it has been conducted in an educationally evaluated-accredited programme of study and a substantial part of the studies has been conducted in the institution which awards the qualification. Equivalence is also awarded, under certain conditions, for non-traditionally awarded degrees such as those obtained from Open Universities, distance learning or external programmes.
  • Equivalence and correspondence, awarded if, in addition to the prerequisites for recognition of equivalence, the specific programme of studies includes at least two thirds of the required subjects including the compulsory subjects of the corresponding programme of the institution which is used as the basis for evaluation. For certain programmes of studies the Council may require the attendance and success in examination in additional subjects in order to award equivalence and correspondence.

As a point of reference for the recognition of a qualification, the corresponding title of the public universities of Cyprus or the other Public Tertiary Education Institutions of Cyprus is taken into account. In case there is no corresponding title in the above Institutions then the corresponding title of the public Higher Education Institutions of Greece is taken as the reference. In case there is no corresponding title in the above Institutions then the corresponding title of the Higher Education Institutions of other countries and particularly of the European Union countries is taken as the reference.

The procedure of recognition of qualifications, involves the appointment by KYSATS of a Register of Independent Judges in which Academic Staff members from the ranks of Assistant Professors, Deputy Professors and Professors are included, specialists in the subjects related to the disciplines submitted for recognition. The Independent Judges submit their recommendations to the Council of KYSATS which decides about the equivalence or equivalence and correspondence of the specific qualification.

KYSATS is a member of the ENIC/NARIC and MERIC network.

Address: KYSATS
Kimonos and Thoukydidou Corner
Akropoli, 1434, Nicosia
elephone: +35722806357
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