The CTL EuroCollege (Lemesos)
Mission and Educational Philosophy:
Our mission is to provide our students with the right tools and environment to help them meet the challenges of contemporary education and pursue a successful professional career.

Programs of Study/Duration (General Information):
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Full and partial scholarships are offered to home first year students that meet certain criteria. Academic merit scholarships are offered to students based on academic achievement.

Student Affairs Services
The College offers students affairs services, which provide for the welfare and other needs of the students. The Student Affairs Officer of the College is also the studentís counselor who organizes regular meetings with the students to discuss problems arising either from their programme of study or, if they so wish, personal matters and advise them accordingly.

Premises and Infrastructure
The College ensures the existence and maintenance of an environment conducive to study and learning by providing students with facilities such as library with study area, training area for retail operations and computer lab.

The collegeís library and computer center are open to students at convenient hours to enable them to pursue their individual interests.

The CTL Eurocollege premises, at the corner of Agias Filaxeos and Spryou Kyprianou, satisfy the studentsí needs and requirements by providing lecture rooms, computer lab, library, conference and seminar room, (for special sessions, presentations, screenings and guest-lectures), staff room, practice area for front office / retail office training, training restaurant and kitchen and a cafeteria along with the appropriate sanitary facilities for the students as well as for the staff.

Contact Information:
118 Spyros Kyprianou Ave.,
3077 Lemesos

Telephone: + 357 25736501
Fax: +357 25736629

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