Church of Cyprus - School of Theology
Mission and educational philosophy
The Church of Cyprus envisages the operation of the "Church of Cyprus Theology School " as a theological education nursery, that develops within the limits of its normal jurisdiction, to educate people, who will be able to serve the ecclesiastic, spiritual, social, cultural, educational and scientific mission of the Church in the modern world and to serve the ministry of the Church in general, both locally and in the inter-Orthodox, inter-Christian and inter-religious level.

Programs of study, duration of studies
Theology (4 years, Bachelor of Arts), (offered in Greek). Under assessment/certification.

Church of Cyprus School of Theology programmes offer
  • World class faculty
  • Specialised knowledge on the Church of Cyprus.
  • Modern technological infrastructure at a traditional environment.
  • Low cost of study.
  • Recognition by the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (Application for assessment/accreditation has been submitted on 30/9/2015)

Financial aid
Each year a number of scholarships is offered for new as well as for existing students. The types of scholarships are:
  • Scholarships for Academic Performance for new students (depending on the grades of High School Leaving Certificate)
  • Honors Scholarships for new students (for Distinctions in music, art, sports, etc.)
  • Scholarships for Academic Performance to existing students
  • Scholarships for Ethos and Social Contribution
  • Byzantine Music Scholarships
Financial assistance is also offered to students, members of families with many children, members of families that face serious economic problems, provided that they have not received any scholarship.

Student services
The purpose of the Student Care Services is the counseling of students during their studies. The Student Care Services offer to the students information on student life issues, student support, housing and financial assistance during their studies at the Church of Cyprus Theology School.

Contact Information:
Church of Cyprus School of Theology
Isocratous Street, 1-7
1016, Lefkosia
Telephone: +357 22443055
Fax: +357 22443050
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