General Information

Higher Education in Cyprus is organised based on the parameters that define the European Higher Education Area, as outlined by the Bologna Process (1999). Cyprus participates in various European Commission programmes, such as Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+, Eurydice, EuroMed, Marie Curie, ASEM, EU2020, etc. At the same time, the Department of Higher Education (DHE) monitors global developments in the field of Higher Education. The DHE’s objective is to develop Higher Education in Cyprus and, to attain that objective, it has drawn up a strategic action plan structured around three basic pillars, with the aim of: (a) safeguarding Higher Education standards; (b) establishing Cyprus as a Regional and International Education and Research Hub; and (c) providing universal access to Higher Education. As part of the strategic plan to promote Cyprus as a Regional and International Higher Education Centre and attract top-tier students from abroad, the DHE participates in and coordinates the representation of Cyprus’s Higher Education Institutions at Education Exhibitions in countries with which there is the potential to cooperate on Higher Education and attract students. Higher Education Institutions in Cyprus consist of Public Universities, Private Universities, Public Tertiary Education Institutions and Private Tertiary Education Institutions.

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Department of Higher Education
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