ACC Akademia College (Deryneia)

Mission and Educational Philosophy

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a provider of academic as well as professional qualifications that strike a balance between theory and its practical application, and that maximize the employability of our students and graduates. In turn, we strive to work with the local community to meet the demands of the job market, and to help create a sustainable tourism product with a competent workforce.

Our Mission

As a provider of lifelong learning, our mission is:
  • To offer our graduates the educational background and develop the skills to meet the requirements of the dynamic tourism industry, or as a stepping-stone to further education.
  • To offer employed individuals working in the fields of business administration and/or hospitality the necessary credentials to:
    • Secure their jobs
    • Make them an asset to their employers
    • Allow them to advance their career
    • To deliver their highest quality specialist skills and education to inspire, empower and develop people who are passionately devoted to being professionals, leaders and innovators in their respective fields.
    At Akademia College we believe in offering tangible knowledge and skills and offer:
    • Learning experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice and can be applied immediately.
    • Lifelong learning for the real-life work environment.
This combination of knowledge (theory), skills (practice) and insight (understanding) ultimately nurtures a desire to continue learning, which in turn creates a richer personal life and a professional life that is more satisfying and rewarding.

Programmes of Study / Duration (General Information)

To view the Evaluated / Accredited Programmes of Study, click here and then type the name of the Institution in the column referred as: “Institution”.

National and European Accreditation

ACC Akademia College has been successfully evaluated and accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education and awarded accreditation starting from the winter semester of the academic year 2019/2020.

The Agency operates in accordance to the standards and guidelines provided by the European Network for Quality Assurance (ENQA) and is the hallmark of quality for private and public educational institutions in Cyprus.

International Collaboration and Memberships

ACC Akademia College has established a number of key partnerships across the world with leading academic institutions, educational and research institutes, non-governmental organisations, business and hotel management schools. These partnerships are vital in helping the College reach its strategic objectives and raise its academic profile at a national, regional and international level.

Financial Aid

  • ACC Akademia College offers the following types of financial aid:
  • Scholarships & Awards
  • Waivers & Discounts
  • State Subsidy for tuition fees and/or student allowance. Students are assisted in the application process.

Student Services

Our College aims to provide support to students, graduates and alumni. Our student services include:
  • Personal Support
  • Academic Support
  • Financial Student Support
  • Disability Services
  • Student Mobility/Erasmus+
  • Student Career & Personal Development Office



The Library is located on the ground floor of the college building situated in a quiet area, designed to provide students with a comfortable and well-equipped site, able to meet their academic requirements as well as the professional needs of the personnel. The library includes a large amount of curricular and co-curricular materials such as books, journals, magazines, tapes and CDs. It provides internet connection, as well as a photocopier and a scanner. Students can access the online library system and the online journal databases. .

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory on the ground floor is available to students, from Monday to Friday, in order to provide them with full assistance on their course and for completion of any course work required.


The cafeteria is on the ground floor at the main entrance and it is available to all students and staff for breakfast, a quick snack in between classes, lunch or just meeting, relaxing and socializing in an accommodating environment with a cup of coffee. It is equipped with coffee and vending machines. Students can also bring their own breakfast/lunch at the cafeteria if they wish. There are also supermarkets, bakeries and shops located near the college offering more choices.

Sports Centre

The College collaborates with a local athletic club. Our students can use the athletic facilities of the Club, that include football and volleyball academy and billiard club.

Our College has a partnership with one of the biggest gyms in the area and offers our students special prices for its services.

Contact Information

ACC Akademia College
116, Eleftherias Avenue
5380 Deryneia
PO Box 36118, 5386 Deryneia
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: (+357) 23 010023
Fax: (+357) 23 010024