Vladimiros Kafkaridis School of Drama (Lefkosia)

Mission and Educational Philosophy

“Satiriko Theatre” established the first Drama School in Cyprus in 1992.
The School offers high level education to young people who wish to follow the profession of acting. The main aim of the school is to produce professionally, as well as spiritually and morally, perfectly trained actors, who will be able to rise to the expectations and needs of theatrical, as well as cinematic and television professional productions. “Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School” students have been employed by organizations like “Satiriko Theatre”, the “Cyprus Theatre Organization”, other Free Theatres and all TV channels in Cyprus for many years.

Programs of Study / Duration (General Information)

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Entry requirements

Potential students are accepted through entrance examinations. Applicants for the “Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School” entrance examinations, should possess one of the following qualifications:
  • Lyceum certificate,
  • Six grade High School certificate,
  • equivalent inland or foreign school certificate, which is recognized by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.
There are two entrance examination sessions each year, one in June and one in September. Both examination sessions are held before a committee consisted by the director and the tutors of the school. The candidates should prepare to present:
  • two monologues (one from an ancient drama play and one from a classical or contemporary play),
  • a poem,
  • a song (preferably a Greek song without music – Acapella) and
  • an improvisation (preparation of an original subject with no use of any objects or verbal means).

The results of the entrance examinations are communicated by phone, on the next day after the end of the examinations.

Contact Information

11-15 Vladimirou Kafkaridi
2102 Aglantzia,
Telephone: +357 22312940, +357 22421609
Fax: +357 22493450
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://www.satiriko.com/