A. C. American College (Lefkosia)

Mission and Educational Philosophy

The A. C. American College, through its broad range of programs, provides students from Cyprus and around the world with the depth of understanding and intellectual flexibility they need to respond to the challenges they will face in the years to come.

Programs of Study / Duration (General Information)

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International Collaboration

Our reputation as a college offering high quality education is recognized both nationally and internationally.

Financial Assistance

Americanos College offers the following types of financial aid:
  • Up to 50% scholarships based on academic performance at the A.C. American College.
  • On Campus Work Programs.
  • Financial assistance to students who have a brother or sister or a husband or wife studying concurrently.
  • Athletic scholarships to athletes.

Student Services

Orientation, employment and career services and assistance with finding accommodation are just a few of the services offered to students at all stages of their College life by the Office of Student Affairs. Moreover, the Office of Student Affairs organizes and sponsors many extra curricular programs and activities, which aim at enhancing students’ life at the A.C. American College.


The A.C. American College places great importance on the continuous improvement of its facilities for students, both educational and social. The following facilities are available for all students:


At the heart of our teaching and research success lies our library. Thoroughly up-to-date and fully computerized, our library is a fully air-conditioned quiet study area with a large student capacity. Here you can pursue a wide range of learning activities, using books, journals, magazines and other printed or electronic material.

Computer Center

Equipped with the latest in hardware and software, the college computer center, among a few of its kind in Cyprus, aims to support the needs of the teaching, research and administrative functions of the College. Every PC found in our computer laboratories has an identical interface to a very extensive portfolio of software. All students are given access to the Internet and to electronic mail.


A large and comfortable cafeteria is available and is open during normal college hours. Equipped with plenty of modern kitchen facilities, it serves soft drinks and snacks to students and College staff. In addition, the cafeteria is used by students for recreational activities during their free time.

Kitchen and Restaurant Facilities

The college has fully equipped kitchen laboratories and a professional restaurant, which are used for practical cooking and serving sessions. Classes held in these facilities give students the opportunity to be trained in real-life situations. Students learn all the practical areas of food production and services such as a kitchen layout and design, menu planning, ordering/receiving, purchasing, storage, sanitation, stewarding and dining room management.

Gymnastic Center

Friends of aerobic exercise and weight training can make use of our fully-equipped gymnastic center, where we have installed professional gymnastic equipment of the highest quality. Students can benefit from their physical training under the guidance of professional physical trainers, while enjoying a wonderful view of the center of Nicosia.

Contact Information

2 & 3 Omirou Avenue,
1097 Lefkosia
P.O.Box 22425
1521 Lefkosia Telephone: +357 22661122
Fax: +357 22664118, +357 22665458
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.ac.ac.cy